A lightweight , soft padded positioning seat for children that need support while sitting on the floor, at the table or at play. It is simple to use in a home, school or when travelling

Features include -

  • Contoured seat prevents child from sliding forward and improves seating position

  • 95 degree seat to back angle

  • Double snap trunk support belt

  • Two sets of straps secure Seat2Go to any chair

  • When not in use the seat straps can be stored under the seat behind the clear flap and the back straps in the back pocket

  • Can be used as an insert for a single or double stroller

    Height adjustable headrest.

    CRS8000 - Headrest for  CRS3000

    Depth Adjustable Abductor.headunsea

    CRS8025 - Abductor for  CRS3000