Lightweight, easily transported pushchair for children who require support when out and about. Trotter is a lightweight portable positioning chair that provides transport solutions for parents, carers and children. A wide range of options provide custom positioning for your individual needs and its simple adjustments allow the Trotter to grow with your child

It has 8" front and 10" rear wheels, with toggle lock. Highly durable, the positioning chair is also made of machine washable black fabric for easy maintenance. The positioning pelvic belt and five point "H" harness with padded strap covers are reversible for added comfort, being velour on one side and cosy faux wool on the other. Featuring adjustable footrests which can be removed if required. Supplied in black.

• Folding frame
• Adjustable seat & back angle
• Adjustable footrests

Available in a range of sizes,
Components and accessories sold separately, please see:

Canopy robihoodExcl. VAT: £64.99
Headrest ExtensionedyreExcl. VAT: £29.99
Upper Extremity Support TraytryyExcl. VAT: £69.99
Bus Tie Down Brackets tyedExcl. VAT: £9.99
Foot & Ankle Positioners fotinheExcl. VAT: £48.99
Torso Vest mo099Excl. VAT: £35.99
Lateral support & Scoli Strap hhtyggfExcl. VAT: £16.99
Padded headrest Wings wingitExcl. VAT: £15.83
Utility bag bilbaExcl. VAT: £14.99

Specification Seat Width   300mm (12")    Seat Depth   300-350mm(12-14")    Back Height & Seat to Floor  510mm(20") 560m(22")  ProductWgt (19lb) 34kg       Seat Angle Back Angle .15° to 22°, 85°, 90° & 95°   User Weight Limit 34kg(5st)   Product Weight 8.6kg (19lb)     Excl. VAT: £439.00

Seat Width  350mm(14")   Seat Depth 330-380mm(13-15")    Back Height & Seat to Floor    580mm(23") 580mm(23")      ProductWgt Max.   9.5kg (21lb)      UserWgt     45.4kg (7st)        Seat Angle Back Angle.   15° to 22°, 85°, 90° & 95°    Excl. VAT: £439.00

 Seat Width  410mm(16")    Seat Depth  350-410mm(14"-16")   Back Height & Seat to Floor 610mm(24"), 610mm(24")  Seat Angle Back Angle. 15° to 22°, 85°, 90° & 95°User Weight Limit77kg(12st)  Product Weight11kg (25lb)  Excl. VAT: £439.00

 Seat Width 460mm(18")  Seat Depth 380-430mm(15"-17")  Back Height & Seat to Floor 640mm(25")-(25")  Seat Angle Back Angle. 640mm(25")  15° to 22°, 85°, 90° & 95° User Weight Limit113¼kg(18st)  Product Weight13.6kg (30lb)  Excl. VAT: £439.00